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 Post subject: Update 4.8.176 - AI Messaging, Clan Ranks, GUI, Bugfixes
PostPosted: 06 Dec 2017, 19:58 
Game Developer
Game Developer
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Latest Update:
  • AI Messaging: a set of pre-defined messages can now be sent to the AI.
  • Clans: custom clan ranks/naming implemented. Each member can be given a custom title. See: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5242
  • Game Links/Listing: there now is a popup that shows additional details to a game before going to the actual game.
  • Province Listing: there are now quick-access buttons for Inauguration, Happiness and Fertility Festivals (less clicks). Matches the keyboard shortcuts below.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: they following keys are now available while in the city listing while a city is selected: 'G'=InauGuration Festival, 'H'=Happiness Festival and 'F'=Fertility Festival.
  • Incognito Games: ONLINE status is hidden while playing an incognito/anonymized game to reduce likelyhood of finding the player. I.e. blue ring is not shown.
  • Banned Players: banned players are now prevented from continuing their existing games. Order submission is disabled. Please keep the game fair for everyone and behave appropriately or else.
  • Game Deletions: games deleted by mistake/malicious intent, can now be restored by the moderator team. Please note, this functionality is only available for games that were in progress (i.e. have started).
  • GUI: dropdown list now always scrolls to the selected item if any.
  • GUI/Touch Screen: zooming and dragging of map improved. Now also allows dragging using 2-fingers.
  • GUI: minor fixes for layouting (e.g. for very long texts that don't show properly).
  • Guide: Keyboard shortcut list updated, i.e. keys G, F & H added.
  • Guide: copyrighted materials and what you can use further explained. I.e. no "Westeros" etc. maps unless you obtain permission.
  • Guide/Modding: clarification added, i.e. assets that have been created by a player, it means that the copyright stays with the player. However, by uploading, for obvious reasons, you permit for your assets to be used within the context of the game.
  • Map Loading: improved map loading by correctly skipping unused parts of a map bundle (e.g. really skipping the unused scenarios). Should reduce memory errors/crashes.
  • Serializer: redundant versioning removed. Reduced memory usage an less file and networking I/O.
  • Server: max. number of slow games increased to 1024 (from 512) for the official longhaul server.
  • Server: some configurations updated. Should respond quicker now depending on server load (Jetty config updated).
  • Server: bugfix for NTP-time sync; (a) will continue trying and (b) find better match.
  • Cheating: additional checks added to detect players using multiple accounts via MAC spoofing.
  • Translations: latest translations added - Thanks :-D
  • Language: misc. spelling fixes.
  • Admin Guide: additional information added regarding MAC spoofing.
  • Admin Guide: section about game administration added.
  • Admin/Investigated: blocking moderators will prevent them from viewing a game. No bug found, i.e. works as expected and moderators can still view games as needed even if they have been block (only joining is blocked).
  • Bugfix Modding: an error message "error loading bundle"/"too many parts returned" was shown when loading a map in the editor. It's not fixed. Caused by not closing the input stream reading a map.
  • Bugfix Crash Reporter: the crash reporter would not always properly reset (removing old listeners/etc.) resulting on being unable to report a crash.
  • Bugfix Logging in with Multiple Accounts (i.e. cheating in most cases): properly reset the mail-panel when login with a different account.
  • Bugfix Crashes: opening the profile view for a clan while not properly initialized.
  • Bugfix Crashes: on Windows XP, creating a buffered image could fail and produce crashes. The crashes should be gone for those cases.

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