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Update 4.5.168 - Statistics, GUI, Miscellaneous and Bugfixes
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Author:  noblemaster [ 09 Oct 2017, 20:38 ]
Post subject:  Update 4.5.168 - Statistics, GUI, Miscellaneous and Bugfixes

Latest Update:
  • Statistics: there is now a screen showing the active players from the past 24h. Statistics include (a) countries, (b) languages and more.
  • GUI: compacted the user account specific GUIs into one popup to reduce clutter.
  • GUI: compacted the chat interface to be just chat-related to reduce clutter.
  • GUI: centered some of the dialogs that were off-center (noticeable especially on small screens).
  • GUI: update for mail panels to remember & scroll to the correct positions as needed.
  • GUI: misc. minor improvements & fixes.
  • Balancing: This is to increase order execution fairness. A player will always get the next possible movement/attack order executed (skipped orders for the player are ignored before moving on to the next player). That way, a player should always get at least one order executed, reducing the likelyhood of a player not being able to move at all during a turn. As suggested by 'nudelsoup' on viewtopic.php?f=47&t=5292
  • Window Position: enable the "Remember Window Position" option in the game to have the game window open at the same place the next time.
  • Reporting Games: is only shown for anonymous games now! Please report the players, not the game!
  • Chat Texts: texts such as "Game is open to join" are now translated to the player's local language setting (not in the language of the player that created the game anymore).
  • Banned or Silenced Users: cannot send message via clan anymore (only direct messages to the moderators group are now possible).
  • Translations: latest translations added - Thanks :-D
  • Translations: warning display if parameters such as {0}/{1}/... are missing.
  • Texts: misc. spelling bugfixes (English).
  • Texts: "Message Board" renamed to "Announcements"
  • Texts: "peasants" changed to "population" for modern scenarios (1900+).
  • Admins: moderators are given permission to create rated and betting games for custom games.
  • Admin Guide: unverified accounts explained, i.e. not to be used for betting and cannot sponsor games!
  • Graphics Memory: reduce graphics memory usage when loading large maps (-17%!).
  • Memory Management (Crashes): largely reduced memory usage when loading specific scenarios from a map bundle. Should reduce crashes due to out of memory errors!
  • Bugfix: Inauguration Parties could not be held if a city was taken over and an inauguration party was held previously by someone else!
  • Bugfix: Broadcast button for tournaments and leagues was always disabled. Should now be enabled correctly!
  • Bugfix Crashes: parameter replacements, e.g. {0}, for translated strings could produce crashes in rare cases.

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