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Update 4.4.166 - Nation Select, Guide Export, Ratings, misc.
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Author:  noblemaster [ 18 Sep 2017, 19:35 ]
Post subject:  Update 4.4.166 - Nation Select, Guide Export, Ratings, misc.

Latest Update:
  • Nation Selection (setup): nations can now directly be selected on the map by clicking on a nation one wants to play!
  • Nation Customization: if nations and/or teams are customized during game setup, games can only be played as unrated multiplayer matches.
  • Incognito Games: private messaging/clan center disabled during incognito mode games!
  • Game's Guide: the guide can now be copied to the clipboard or saved as RTF-file (~simple word document) to allow printing/reading outside the game.
  • Game's Guide: rating classification moved from rating tooltip into the Guide (tooltip is gone).
  • Game's Translation & Admin Guide: ditto regular guide can be saved as RTF-file (and then e.g. printed if desired).
  • ONLINE Status: blue ring is now also show in a user's profile popup view when the user is ONLINE!
  • Rating: the volatility (and number of games played) is now shown in the history popup only (to reduce GUI clutter & confusion!)
  • Rating Analysis: move the "Analysis" tab for multiplayer into the game info popup, i.e. [Analysis...] button.
  • Broadcast Button: games can only be broadcasted until turn 12!
  • Modding: story input now supports multi-language input. Scenario stories can be added for multiple languages.
  • Translations: latest translations added - Thanks :-D
  • Translations: missing glyphs for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai added!
  • Texts: misc. spelling bugfixes (English).
  • Memory Consumption (debug): option to turn on display of memory consumption in settings via "Render Memory".
  • Memory Consumption (debug): pressing ALT+F7 should garbage collect unused memory, i.e. reduce memory footprint.
  • Bugfix: "Missed 2 Turns" (during Blitz): the latest release should now make sure you only miss the turn you are actually too late to submit orders to the server (instead of 2 full turns in a row). Let me know how that goes?
  • Bugfix: errors loading large maps (due to out of memory errors), e.g. the world map should maybe be gone. Improved memory management of the game.
  • Bugfix Crashes: when main thread-based I/O interface was null (not properly synchronized).
  • Bugfix Crashes: while loading/displaying the planned events list.
  • Bugfix Crashes: while modding province that has already been removed.

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