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 Post subject: Update 4.0.124 - Custom Nation & Team Setup, Balancing
PostPosted: 01 Sep 2016, 20:23 
Game Developer
Game Developer
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Latest Update:
  • Balancing Walls: city walls cannot be built when happiness is <50%. Also, bugfix for when a city was taken, it wasn't possible to build walls (fixed now).
  • Balancing Pillaging: -20% population penality also for provinces that got pillaged!
  • Render FPS Limiter: if you are running on a battery powered device, please reduce the FPS to e.g. 30 to increase battery life.
  • Setup Nations & Teams: games can now be customized by nations & teams available in the game. Select the [Customize...] button during setup :-D
  • Setup Pillaging & Abandoning: they can now be disabled during game setup preventing people from pillaging and/or abandoning a province.
  • Setup for # of Players: also added additional options such as 24, 28 etc.
  • Setup for # of Clan-Players: please use to limit the number of clan players in a game. The new "Lone Wolf" server allows for a max. of 1 player per clan only!
  • Tourneys/League: invite-button to tournaments & leagues! Ditto before, you need to add players to your friends list first to be able to invite.
  • Tourneys/League: admin button to start early if desired (owner of tournament/league can decide).
  • Manual/FAQ: Section added "Clan Spamming & Ganging Up". Please read!
  • Manual/FAQ: Section added "Stalking Players". Please read!
  • Manual/FAQ: Section added "Rating Inflation (by only playing against the AI)".
  • Avatar Right-Click: saves the avatar to the clipboard if desired.
  • Language SL: added (partly complete) - Thanks :-D
  • Language HU: added - Thanks :-D
  • Language PL: updated - Thanks :-D
  • Server: auto-deletion updated to 6x the turn duration.
  • Servers/Blitz: I replaced 2 of the servers with 1 more powerful one. Please note that I can add more servers in the future. It makes it more easy to maintain if there are less server on my part.
  • Server: reboot stability improved. Cleaning broken records to provide stable restart functionality.
  • Server: disk & RAID-monitoring added (to detect problems early).
  • Bugfix Team-Play (Clans): there was a bug putting players in the wrong team (non-clan related). Please re-sign up for the team-competition (Quit & Join).
  • Bugfix Crashes: opening the nation's finance popup.
  • Bugfix Crashes: during game update.
  • Bugfix Crashes: while Steam was not connected (but assumed to be connected).

play: Age of Conquest IV

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