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 Post subject: Ideas and improvements
PostPosted: 08 Aug 2019, 14:46 

Joined: 08 Aug 2019, 14:23
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Right so first thing I feel needs a little bit more depth Troops we all know mounted units do bad against spears but it dosent explain what a mounted unit need to be a mounted unit take Ancient Greek for example the hippies ride horses but u don’t get them from the stables so do they count and Hoplitai or hoplites very thin line to are they all the same they all use spears but I wanna have a class of units on to another topic but first sorry devs for my nerd alert small complaint luv your games anyway so Rome I like to play as but the hastati they are heavily armored but in reality that model would work with legionaries haste had armor but speaking of legionnaires Segway to Rome has units that were what they used to conquer Italy but other nations such as charthage are heavily Greek influced but Egypt isn’t so at this time not sure bout Carthage’s army becuse Rome spoiler alert pretty much destroyed all of Carthage’s history but back on topic the troops are all from different time proirds but I have a sultion that will also make the research tab more useful u can upgrade troops so your Rome u wanna war with blank but don’t have enough money to make enough hasti. Well upgrade to legionnaires it makes it so the games more challenging and the research tab has useful stuff roads useful but not nesscery better boats useful for protection against sea invasions but not needed and I won’t need my idea but it will be really useful and also I think maybe more options to interact with nations that u force to surrender so u go to war and win they surrender well I think when that happens I should have a tab come up we’re u can say I want blank gold or blank land from u and if they refuse the war dosent end and also maybe add a thing so u can send a message to spcaific message with those spy’s the ones on horseback and it can have the chance of getting them to defect to you also real quick also would like to see this may be complicated but I’d like to the storms and snow slow u down if not already and also the ability to lend troops to allies in a war for free or payment and then return them when the war ends
Btw srry for so much to read I really love the game and if none of this is added that won’t change but I do wanna see the troop research one and the surrender one thanks for one of the best games

 Post subject: Re: Ideas and improvements
PostPosted: 18 Aug 2019, 05:05 
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Joined: 20 Nov 2018, 09:49
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Spearmen must deal with riders, this is their task. These ideas have already been suggested by other people before and have been rejected.

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