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A few suggestions/thoughts..
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Author:  Caprontos [ 09 Jun 2015, 17:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: A few suggestions/thoughts..

My cities don't regen in my bundle.. Is this a bug? Do I need a new tag for my villages/harbors?

Is the sample bundle updated to reflect it if so?

Author:  noblemaster [ 09 Jun 2015, 18:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: A few suggestions/thoughts..

Sorry yes, I haven't had a chance to update the sample ZIP on the Wiki yet.

In any case, look at the restore parameter:

This needs to be changed. You can e.g. append "|5" to indicate that it shall be auto-repaired 0.5 strength/turn.

The Wiki is updated already (have a look at <arm>/restore-parameter): ... chema-spec

Author:  Caprontos [ 12 Jun 2015, 17:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: A few suggestions/thoughts..

An Issue I noticed via AI tests.. the AI seems to lose a lot of happiness/food..

I wonder are they putting taxes to 200% but not compensating it? and use the 200% food polices when they make (or don't make) enough food to be doing this?

Because this would explain the massive nosedive of happiness and the way the AI chews through food.. and it might be one of the reasons factions seem to not handle starting out with a lot of cities very well..

I think they should only use the 200% food (or 150%) when they make like 50 extra food per turn, when the options on (or something)..

Then they should only use the corresponding levies if they are not losing happiness as a result..

Also for searching, if they do it... I think they should always set it so they have positive money growth.. Unless they have like 1000+ gold then they can go over and use up the excess..

I think this would let them use them while not using them to destroy themselves..

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