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 Post subject: Discussions - Demise of Nations
PostPosted: 27 Apr 2015, 19:18 
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Game Developer
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For discussions please also visit the Steam page for the game:

If you don't have a Steam account feel free to post here. However, if you have questions/problems please also visit the Steam page to check if the question has already been asked/answered - Thanks!

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 Post subject: Re: Discussions - Demise of Nations
PostPosted: 16 Aug 2017, 03:26 

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Hi their! This is my first time posting on the forums so I hope this is the right place :) if not feel free to move it.

As for Demise if Nation's so far I'm loving it, great concept and loving the game play but their are a few tweaks I was thinking of adding to improve game play :)

First: I have noticed when playing Rome with inhuman AI the AI quickly Ganges up on Rome, on the very first turn I normally have 3-4 AIs declare war on me instantly...


I was thinking that if you have walls on your city Archer's shouldn't be able to take damage? I find the garrisons a little bit useless and opt for using traditional troops in defence. Now strangly Archer's are normally at a disadvantage , because they end up having to fight units at melee.

What I was thinking is that you could have a seperate "Garrison" Slot specifically for ranged units, and whenever their is a wall that they would have to break down the wall first, before being able to ingage the Archer's. Archer's would also be able to retaliate whenever the city gets attacked. Obviously archer in Garrison would only be able to defend the city and are not able to attack neighboring tiles...

I also find it a bit strange that Archer's are able to shoot over mountains or shoot a neighboring island ( Rome can shoot parts of sicillia ). Although they should be our main line if coastal defence against troop transports and galleys realistically they shouldn't be able to shoot island to island.

Troop transport

The only things I was thinking I'd changing about the troop transport is the fact that melee units are able to attack ship to ship and shore to ship. Which Is a bit strange ( although I get the concept of boarding a ship )

What I was thinking is making troop transport unable to attack or defend unless they have Archer's onboard. Then the Archer's would be able to attack ships and units one tile away from them. So if you want to use a transport offensively you would have to Garrison a squad of Archer's in it first. Melee units would be unable to do anything until they are back on land.


Only problem with a galley is that it states it is able to shoot from affar but has the exact same range as a transport, so simply giving it a + 1 tile range like Archer's would give it a decent edge.

And if being able to just slightly improve the offensive abilities, so 1 expensive galley should be able to take down 1 troop transport border with 2 Archer's and still have half of it's life left or something similar.

That's it for now, feel free to tell me what you think!

 Post subject: Re: Discussions - Demise of Nations
PostPosted: 16 Aug 2017, 19:43 
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Joined: 11 Aug 2017, 19:58
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Mister Master, please, I so much ask, sure all players agree with me, the button is very needed - to "Repair all troops" and "Upgrade all troops", And let, repair all at once, it will on 10-15% outvalue.

SARMAT clan leader

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