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Please give me some challenges!!
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Author:  dHP [ 05 Feb 2019, 00:07 ]
Post subject:  Please give me some challenges!!

Hello and for anyone reading this it sounds like I think the game is to easy, but thats not the point here.

I have played this game for some time, but the "normal"-singelplayer is no longer something difficult and when ever I play online it either cost coins or I'm playing against realy good players (I never sad I was good).

This makes me a bit bored and I have tried finding challenges to try, but haven't found any.


I'm "new" to this forum and don't know if I broke any rules by doing this....

Author:  Acesupreme [ 05 Feb 2019, 14:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Please give me some challenges!!

Try the total chaos setting. The basic settings are no happiness, random provinces are assigned, and all nations at war. choose a map scenario which has nations starting with one province.

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