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 Post subject: Art of AoC
PostPosted: 10 Aug 2018, 01:01 

Joined: 29 Apr 2018, 21:55
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This is addition to the game guide (which can be found at main menu of AoC game) which covers game mechanics and some strategies in great detail. I dedicate it to my great teacher and great player - Curare, as well to my clan - Maximum Security Jail. This document assumes you know the game guide.

If you found mistake, want me to explain something better or found strategy you want to share - pls pm me in game. A little later I will add credits describing who provided which information - so your contribution will be known to public.

How to test any game situation
You can test and find answers to any situation by doing experiments in singleplayer with hotseats. For example you want to know if your ally’s fort will give you defensive bonus against enemy when ally is not at war with your enemy. Go to singleplayer; create game with 3 hotseats, AI placeholder and open travel; join nations A, B and C. Ally A with B, make war between A and C, move troops of A to some province of B with fort, make C to attack this fort and enjoy the answer. This way you can simulate almost any in-game situation to check game mechanics.

Taxes of your nation is sum of taxes of every province. Tax of province is proportional to population and happiness of this province. All next incomes are given at 100% happiness and at 100% taxes. For monthly taxes (levies on commerce) you get 1 gold from every 4000 people in this province with rounding down. So you get 2 gold from 11999 people and 3 gold from 12000 people. The yearly tax is 4 times bigger than 1 monthly tax. So the yearly tax at 200% gives 8 times more gold than 1 monthly tax at 100%.

The cost of distributing money and festivals
The cost of local fertility festival is equal to monthly tax from this province at 100% happiness and at 100% taxes. The cost of local distribution of money is equal to the 60% of local fertility festival. The cost of global fertility festival is equal to the 70% of cost of sum of local festivals in every province. Same for global distribution of money - it’s cost is equal to the 70% of sum of local distributions of money in every province. So global festivals and distributions of money are cheaper then making local ones in every province.

Inaugurations give 25% happiness in province for 25 gold independently from population. Inaugurations are more efficient for action points then local distributions of money - 0.2 action points for 25% happiness against 0.1 for 10% (although sometimes if you have shortage of action points and you need to rise happiness to 50% in as many provinces as possible so they start make income, then the distribution of money can be better than inaugurations). In money prospective the inaugurations are better than local distributions of gold, if province population is higher than or equal to 68000 people ( 25% happiness for 25 gold is as efficient as 10% happiness for 10 gold, so population for that case is (10 gold / 0.6) * 4000 = 66666 which rounds up to 68000 people). Of course the distribution of gold might be still more efficient at population higher than 68k, if happiness in that province is higher than 75% and so part of inauguration happiness gain is wasted due to 100% happiness ceiling.The higher the pop the more efficient inauguration is.

Village Graphics
You know that the village/city graphic varies with population. The thresholds of these changes are 10,000; 25,000; 50,000; 75,000; 100,000; 250,000; 500,000 and 750,000 population. So for Ancient Rome factions village with 0-9999 population looks like tiny tent; with 10,000-24,999 looks like tiny wooden shack; with 25,000-49,999 looks like two tiny houses and so on.

Governors will increase happiness by 4% in provinces with happiness below 50% for very small price - therefore governors can be very useful. The only problem is that you cannot switch on or off governors in each province individually - you can only turn on/off governors in all provinces at same time, so you has to pay for provinces with more 50% happiness as well - in those provinces governors are useless. The cost for governor is defined by population of province: at 0-49,999 it costs 0 gold, at 50,000-99,999 costs 1 gold, at 100,000 - 249,999 costs 2 gold, at 250,000-499,999 costs 3 gold, at 500,000-749,999 costs 4 gold, at 750,000 and higher costs 5 gold. So the higher the population in your cities the more efficient governors are. Also you can use graphics of cities to define the governor cost in province as governor cost and village graphics have the same thresholds.

Efficient tax management
If you are above 50% happiness then it is the most efficient to keep monthly taxes at 150% and to compensate 2% happiness decay do distributions of money, farm happiness from battles or use diplo-happiness exploit. For yearly taxes use 200% but sometimes if you are too low on happiness or don't have action points to recover happiness due to war then consider smaller taxes.

Administration cost
Every turn you pay the percentage of your taxes to administration cost. The formula of admin cost is given in main guide but its not full - the x factor is not given, its only said that x is combination of number of provinces and population in your nation. What kind of combination? Only Noblemaster knows. Guide mentions that population and number of provinces are relative but its not really clear what does it mean. It means that admin cost depends on number of your provinces compared to number of all provinces on map and depends on your population compared to all population on map. For example take Official Medieval Map. In Anno 1200 scenario you pay admin cost from very start when you have one province because of capitals are high population compared to all other provinces in this scenario. But if you take Overlords scenario you can have two provinces with 1 million pop each and not pay admin cost because all provinces are half million on this map and your 2 mln population is nothing compared to all population of map. Another example is Jacob719’s Turtle map: it has 13 provinces and you start with big admin cost because of 1 province is quite a bit compared to whole 13 provinces of map. Compare this admin cost to the one on Official Fantasy map where there are a lot provinces.

This fact means that your admin cost depends on all other players and when other players grow their population - they reduce your admin cost. Which is funny if you think about it.


Pillaging mechanic
Pillaging sets province on fire. For 4 turns pillaged province won't be able to recruit, fortify and make tax income which makes pillaging useful instrument of war. Also it reduces population by 20% and happiness by 30%. It can be used as very bad loan as pillaging gives 2.5 times gold of monthly tax if the province was at 100% happiness and 100% tax. During those 4 turns if you do not pillage province and keep tax at 150%, then you can make 1.5 * 4 / 2.5 = 2.4 times more gold from this province than from pillaging it ( actually the difference can be a lot less than 2.4 times as calculation did not account administration cost and that the province is most likely lower 100% happiness). You will not lose happiness and population as well from not pillaging. Overall it is pretty bad loan. But still it can be very useful loan.

Abandoning is the mechanic when the province is left by you and it becomes neutral. It reduces happiness by ?% so thats can be useful if you leave province to enemy. Also abandoning allows to trade provinces without taking massive global happiness hits ( but you has to careful so that noone steals traded provinces). It can be used for reducing your score (in supremacy and domination) to suddenly get movement priority as score comes from provinces in those setups. Abandoning is used in supergrowth exploit.

Recruitment of 1 troop takes 100 population from this province. With one recruitment (costs one action point) you can recruit half of population of this province minus 300 people. So if province has 150,000 pop with single recruitment you can recruit (150000/2 - 300) / 100 = 747 troops at most. Why minus 300 people? I am not sure but think it is related to game protection of passive population growth system as this system probably requires province to have some population to function and it will not work with 0 people in province. So because of minus 300 people rule you cannot recruit at province with population of less than 700 people. So you can reduce population down to 600 at most using recruitment (when there is 700 pop you can recruit only 1 troop). By the way there is also game protection from pillaging and abandoning as well - when you pillage, the population in province cannot go below 500 people.

Disbanding 1 troop adds 100 population to province where it was disbanded. So you can migrate people to provinces with terrible population so they grow faster.

Loan and “debt black hole”
You can go negative in money. It can happen due to army maintenance or/and governors spending being larger than your income after administrative cost. Just administration cost alone cannot force you to go to debt because it is equal to only part of your taxes and therefore it cannot surpass taxes. When you are negative then you cannot spend money on recruitment, fortifying, distributing money or making festivals or send money to anyone ( unless you have found some exploit lol). Also when treasury is negative you pay 10% of your current debt. So if you dont solve your negative balance problem, the debt will grow and so will 10% of debt that you are paying. So debt will grow faster and faster exponentially and you will not be able to go out from it alone. And after some time nobody's money offers will be able to solve your debt. This is “debt black hole”. You will go to -10,000,000 gold during 90-110 turns and debt will stop there as it is the floor of negative treasury.

Neutral provinces

Supergrowth exploit
Usually you can grow population in province 2 times every 6 turns ( one local and one global festival). But actually you can grow pop 7 times every 6 turns. To do so you need every turn do next: grow pop locally, abandon this province and send troop back to retake it. This way local fertility festival cooldown will disappear and you can grow every turn. But it will cost you a lot of action points and more gold than usually. Abandoning removes a lot of happiness therefore you will have to do inaugurations every turn and distribute money sometimes. There should be no troops in province to be able abandon so you need move away or disband troops. So supergrowth will cost you 2.3-2.4 action points ( if you disband troops) or 3.2-3.3 ( if you move away troops) per province per turn. So it is not as op as it sounds but can be useful. For example to grow provinces with very low population. Probably the best setup for supergrowth is no action points, no happiness(you do not need to recover happiness after abandoning) and cavemen or capitals scenario. By the way, in theory, you can grow pop 12 times every 6 turns if there are 6 players cooperating and provinces are changing owner every turn and players do global festivals in circle. It actually can be done np with no action points, no happiness lol.

Actually you do not have to do inaugurations and distributions of money - you can have province at 0% happiness but because you abandon and retake every turn the province will not revolt.

Action points generation
The amount of action points you generate this turn depends on how many provinces you have and on how many actions points were left from previous turn. Action points= base + 25% of what left from previous turn (with rounding down to one digit after comma). .

The base action points: 2.2 for 0 provinces, 3.2 for 1-3 provinces, 4.2 for 4-6 provinces, 5.2 for 7-10 provinces, 6.2 for 11-14 provinces, 7.2 for 15-19 provinces, 8.2 for 20-25 provinces, 9.2 for 26-31 provinces. You might have noticed the pattern - starting from 7 provinces next action point is coming with 4 additional provinces, then next action point with 4 provinces again, then 5, then 5, then 6, then 6, then 7, then 7 and so on.

For example you have 6 provinces, and 3.5 action points not used from previous turn then action points you get = 4.2 (base for 6 provinces) + 3.5/4 = 4.2 + 0.8(rounding down to one digit after comma) = 5.0 action points.

Combat calculations

Movement priority and why it is important

Walls (forts)

The graph and number of links idea

King duels and different situations



Diplo-happiness exploit

The player who reaches 100 score points wins the game or all other players are eliminated. The 1st place can be shared only by players of one team/coalition but all other places can be shared by any players if they have same amount of points.

In supremacy score points come from your provinces, provinces of vassals, provinces of protector and ally’s provinces. There are 100 / 0.82 = 121.951 points which are equally divided between all land provinces on map. For example on Ancient Rome map there are 113 land provinces so the score from one province is 121.951/113 = 1.079 ( you can use it to calculate how many land provinces on the map). You get full score from own and vassals’ provinces, 35% from ally’s provinces and 10% from protector’s provinces.

In domination score comes from own and vassals’ provinces - no score from allies and protectors. There are 100 points which are equally divided between all land provinces on map. For Ancient Rome score from one province is 100/113 = 0.884. So you need to control all provinces directly/through vassal to win. Or use elections. Or turn limit.

In annihilation score is independent from provinces - in fact you can win having 0 provinces. The score of the player is defined by ratio of number of his stacks to the number of all stacks in the game. Stack is separate army/fleet - does not matter if it consists of 1 troop or 1000 troops. One faction can have only one stack in one province. If several factions have their armies/fleets in one province then those are separate stacks. It doesn't matter where your stack is located (in your province, not your province or sea province) - it will contribute to score. So for example there are 3 players left in annihilation game: player A have 10 fleets of 1 troop each and no land, player B has 1 army of 10000 troops and 90 provinces, player C has 29 armies of 100 troops and 23 provinces. So score of player A is 10 / (10+1+29) * 100 = 25 points, the score of player B is 1/(10+1+29) * 100 = 2.5 points, the score of player C is 29/(10+1+29) * 100 = 72.5. So to win annihilation you need to enforce so there are no other players troops on map, do election or have most amount of stack when turns end ( if there is turn limit).

For example there are 2 players left: A and B. Player A has no land, player B has all land. Player A has 1 ship. If player B deletes all troops then A autowins which is funny.

The game setup you can try: annihilation, turn limits and optionally open travel and total alliances. Just try to spread your troops to as many provinces as you can and you will most likely win when game ends lol.

Team Score


 Post subject: Re: Art of AoC
PostPosted: 18 Sep 2018, 10:12 
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SON OF A MOTHER DUCK! this is the best, thank you
will you finish writing those other parts?

too dumв to play hearts of iron 4

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