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 Post subject: Age Of Conquest Clan League. ACCL Season 1
PostPosted: 30 May 2018, 05:22 

Joined: 24 Mar 2018, 08:37
Posts: 4
Message me on AOC to register. Glory Hunter.
Registriation ends 1st July. Games start 10th July.

Game Setup:
4v4 Tournament Mod Map
Action Points, Millitary Upkeep, King, 250 Gold starter, Password, Non-Rated, Open Travel Friendly, 50 Max Turns. :p :headbash:

50 Turn end. No winner. Draw. 1 Point
Win. 3 Points
Lose. 0 Points.

Everyone plays eachother twice. Its a league. No Knockout Stage. As many teams from same clan can join. (4 Max). Every once a year league.

Competetion Badge for winners and runners up.
500 coins each for Winners - 2000 Coins.
250 Coins each for runners up - 1000 Coins.
Good Luck. Have Fun.

Game rules still might be changed. Go suggest your suggestions to improve the League.

League Table,


Registered Teams:
Horde Team 1 - Stark24Rus, Glory Hunter, yo mismo, OthnielOdilo

Prestige Team 1 - M_ateo_1, Reza3, Julien37032, joeface123123

Horde Team 2 -Jeyhun, KRHussainKR, IErdemI, Serhat95820

NinjaTurtles Team 1 - Kykirs, Dizzo, Aprampar, Abdulhaleemjafar

MastersOfWar Team 1 - Misovert, Barthvader, Madmartigan, Drakam

Vuslat Team 1 - SSSvXXX, UCANzl, finarfin, Alpagu

DeadGuns Team 1 - Tyrus-FTW, EjakknolimitIND, StoniiiXD, Huricane

Vikings Team 1 - Veking, Mikeqe, RadiationX, Batjan The Dark Viking

Arcana Team 1 -

Viking Team 2 - Wodan, Azeth, PattonIII, Jackmarc

KRErules Team 1 - Lorenzo33653, IXRyuzurina, TheGamingPlayer, Khornik

Shadows Team 1 -

Shadows Team 2 -

DeadGuns Team 2 - Prophz, Anekcahap, jacksonTaylor2133, Max 260201

DeadGuns Team 3 - Ritor, zylshock, Quixote, Romario228zet

Maximum Security Jail Team 1 - Bladrs, Lostaim, ((-mk-)), Nobody00

UnForgivenKR Team 1 - Oyunsal, Sirofpower, blackthor, Emrah

Ideas for Next Season,
Title holders will be a Team,
1 Year this season will last,
Capital One Cup. 16 Teams Playing knockout Stage.
Top 8 Teams this year will play seperate Champions Cup. 2 groups of 4. Top 2 Qualify for Semi-Finals then Finals.
Got More ideas Please Tell me.

This will keep getting Updated

I shall create the best Clan Games

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