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Circular vassalization fun
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Author:  aibar [ 30 Apr 2018, 18:39 ]
Post subject:  Circular vassalization fun


I wander if the circular vassal chain possible like: celts protect iberians, iberians protect berbers, berbers protect celts. Does what vassal pay to liege include money vassal get from own vassals? If so will it break game?

If it does and game does not break then money goes in circle. And I guess game calculates tributes in queue. And therefore nations can get less or more money just because of order of tribute calculation. And this problem might rise even in not circular liege-vassal chains. It is probably insignificant amount of money gained or lost just because of order luck but still. So I wonder if anything from what was said is actually case and how it works)

Author:  noblemaster [ 02 May 2018, 23:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Circular vassalization fun

Yes, vassalization works circular. Please note, in order to prevent the game from breaking, as you noted, the vassal's vassal income is not included in the income you receive from your vassal.

Author:  aibar [ 02 May 2018, 23:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Circular vassalization fun

Thx for answer)

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