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 Post subject: Colored text
PostPosted: 24 Sep 2017, 22:25 

Joined: 24 May 2017, 13:07
Posts: 21
I reckon it would be pretty cool if you could buy the right to permanently set your text colour for all chat rooms. Currently you can use /tint to set your chat text colour in a specific room but it would be awesome if you could set your chat text colour for all the rooms you enter without having to type this out. Maybe have an additional profile option that you pay 300 or 400 coins to unlock, where you can set you text colour to a specific hex value and any room you enter your text is automatically that colour. Using hex values would be awesome as well because it would give a lot more variety than the few available colours atm.

Just another way for users to customise their game profile and a great excuse for buying a few more coins :)

On second thoughts maybe it would annoy players having the chats looking like a rainbow? What do you guys think?

Possible solutions to the potential rainbow problem:
Raise the price of this function super high so only those who really want it bother to pay for it... this would also add to its value since you would be more unique in the chat. Maybe like 1000 or 2000 coins?

Or you could have an option for players to turn off coloured chats and only see the standard colouring?

 Post subject: Re: Colored text
PostPosted: 24 Sep 2017, 23:24 
Game Developer
Game Developer
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Joined: 17 Apr 2005, 02:34
Posts: 8541
Location: Honolulu
All of that is possible! I guess I could charge for it, but I wonder?

Anyhow, what's everyone's opinion on that?

play: Age of Conquest IV

 Post subject: Re: Colored text
PostPosted: 25 Sep 2017, 10:09 
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Joined: 25 Sep 2017, 07:15
Posts: 4
I agree that more color options and settings would be great!
My main issue with the lobby chat are that player chat get drowned in repeated game announcements, and discussion threads are hard to follow. More colors would help to address that.

Some suggestions:
- reserve 1 or 2 colors for mods to make sure they stand out (red, orange)
- reserve a color for Fast game announcements (green?)
- reserve another color for Slow game announcements (blue, kaki green?)

For the rest:
- offer 3 tiers (different coin value) with a selection of colors each. Higher tiers would have nicer/more noticeable colors.
- cycle a dozen random colors on participating users like in many chatrooms
- automatically base a player's chat color on ELO ratings. Could be a tricky algorithm but it would subtly indicate that a player is good at fast games and team games, or does only slow games, or is a new player, etc.

Regarding game announcements 'spamming' the public chat room:
Perhaps add a safety feature that would only allow to re-advertise a game after a number of other comments (in practice, not re-advertising a game as long as it can be found by scrolling the chat window).

Just my 2 cents and my first post here!
Keep up the good work Noblemaster, mods and mapmakers.

 Post subject: Re: Colored text
PostPosted: 26 Sep 2017, 00:06 

Joined: 25 Sep 2017, 02:11
Posts: 7
I think the font color should be determined according to the degree of the player. automatically from the system. So everybody can write in the color of the letter they deserve. otherwise the conversation room can become very complex.

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