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Author:  Petraa76 [ 28 Jun 2017, 01:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lukas

I say that I also expressed my opinion to you about disabling Lukas. And you tell me convincingly answered.

P.S. Not related. For me it was unexpected

Author:  TrankaRua [ 28 Jun 2017, 08:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lukas

Seriously, the community has to unite itself and make something happen, because the way this incompetent admnistration/moderation are doing things we will just get even more headache... i wonder where are these mods? It doesnt seem to be actually playing the game or at least being there, because otherwise they would see how the majority of the are on bad terms with shadows and that lukas were some kind of the voice of the community against them, it doesnt make even sense to me that lukas got banned and players like petra and stentor are still playing

Author:  TrankaRua [ 28 Jun 2017, 08:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lukas

I wont say that lukas is a wonderful person but even people who dont like him are trying to help in someway with what he tried to say many times, lukas is annoying but petraa's clan is not wanted by us, they cheat(happiness sploit, elo sploit, multi-accounting) and even betray their own (ask wyxstad, cadliker and others)

Author:  TrankaRua [ 28 Jun 2017, 08:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lukas

Now, just one last rumour to clarify: In Lukas' case, this conclusion was a collective decision taken by the moderators group, and it is not because of spreading rumours or public criticisim. The reason is the long-term and continuous harassment. Moderators don't get any reward for being moderators, it is our contribution to this game and we do it in our spare time. Thus, it is extremely unpleasant and inappropriate to be constantly harassed for things that have already been explained and clarified, in some cases even by the developers.

Hope this will stop the mis-information, if you have additional questions, I'll be happy to answer them :)

Since almost everyone who make that decision doesnt "experience" the real deal a lot (noble, jacob, rooster and others) why not leave that decision to the community? Make 2 POOLS IN-GAME FOR EVERYONE TO SEE AND VOTE:

1- Do you want Lukas to be back into playing the game and his ban sentence to be lifted?(even if still silenced)

2- Based on what you know about the player Petraa and the Shadows clan, what action you think its the best way to deal with them?

a) Ban to the cheaters and the clan being disabled
b) Ban to the cheaters
c) Clan disabled
d) Leave it as is

Author:  kamo [ 28 Jun 2017, 09:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lukas

There are a few problems with such a poll:

1) The results would be biased and in majority only people intersted in this topic would vote, other's would just ignore it.

2) There are some rules of the game and we cannot just punish someone without having an evidence of them breaking the rules, just because a group of people wants to.

3) Players cannot clarify the correctness of information, based on which they would vote, because players don't have access to the data mods do.

The general rule still applies: if you think someone is cheating, report them and we check them and take appropriate actions.

Author:  Petraa76 [ 28 Jun 2017, 09:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lukas

I am very interested to hear evidence of fraud, mine in particular. What games was it? Bring proof! Don't be a chatterbox!

P.S. All have the opportunity to verify all my games through administrators. Use this as a unique opportunity! :headbash:

P.S.1. TrankaRua, with your rating you need to learn to play, not to engage in gossip in the chat rooms. :irre:

Author:  curare [ 28 Jun 2017, 10:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lukas

Lukas wants me to add this:

Please write one more message there in multiplayer hub... "Some players mentioned that I should get one more chance - but it it absurdity - the most hatred players with abuses and biggest cheaters that all experienced it in game are now saying how happy they are I am disabled by mods. I want to inform you that I already announced my farewell and leaving 2 months ago because you mods made wrong decisions and still supporting wrong clan which always will make troubles!!! Remember my words: those 2 dirty leaders with they deceitful clan will always make troubles... and now back to me - I am leaving and I don t want second chance - cause I did not do anything bad - I only informed players about facts that happened. I can t repent good thing, I can t repent my fight for righteousness. I announced I may come back only when Jacob moderator leaves mod group and mods will finally punish those who deserve it. It is you who will loose a lot by my leaving not me. "

Author:  Stentor [ 28 Jun 2017, 10:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lukas

we are not cheaters TRua, but it seems to be more simple for you to say that. tssssss :irre:

Author:  Stentor [ 28 Jun 2017, 11:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lukas

And BTW taking control of an another account, isn't it worse than cheatin ? And am I making a fuss with this ? No, so please stop behaving like kids.

Author:  Jacob719 [ 28 Jun 2017, 12:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lukas

TrankaRua I've completed more than 400 games in V4 alone, and many many more in previous versions, BattleRooster (Lucjan) plays alot of games as well. I also spend alot of time on chat. So we are not absent are you are portraying. Perhaps you are in a different time zone to me so don't see me on much? I do have to sleep occasionally :D I would advise you of one thing, rumour is not truth. Obvioulsy moderators make decisions on all of the available information, players don't have access to some of this information. Therefore please calm down and be assured we are doing our best to respond to any given situation, thank you.

Author:  noblemaster [ 28 Jun 2017, 18:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lukas

Let's focus on facts. Lukas was banned for defamation/harassment. He has been warned countless times by the moderator team including myself. Keeping the account silenced wasn't simply enough anymore.

Also, for everyone spreading rumors here in the forums or on in the game, you guys are walking a dangerous line. The moderator team isn't protecting cheaters or are randomly protecting/punishing players. For cheat reports for example, each report is checked and then handled appropriately. For more difficult decisions, decision making takes time, as some decisions aren't easy to make and are first discussed and then voted on. The moderators are doing an great job.

Author:  wxystad [ 28 Jun 2017, 19:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lukas

TrankaRua wrote:
(ask wyxstad, cadliker and others)

Don't make me part when i don't even know half of what happened with lukas and shadows. :klugscheisser:

I will really miss lukas, he really deserves to be top 1 in ranking, and is the best player on game without doubt.

About shadows vs lukas what can i say it's that from the begin of the shadows clan lukas declare war to the clan, after petraa and stentor leave the right hands clan and start shadows. (way before the happiness and the elo exploit)

why i left the shadows clan is something i will keep for my own, but i can assure you was nothing to punish or even to caution, and i left in good terms with all the shadows members. It was part of the game. :furz:

for the rest of the situations i feel i don't have enough information to judge.

Just my two cents

Author:  noblemaster [ 28 Jun 2017, 19:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lukas

Don't make me part when i don't even know half of what happened with lukas and shadows.

That's what I meant. Don't spread misinformation what other players have said. Players such as "wyxstad" get wrongly "accused" of having said this or that, while it's out of thin air or some comment that wyxstad has made in the past that could have been interpreted either ways.

Also, the claim "(ask wyxstad, cadliker and others)" seems highly dubious at best if the first player in that list, i.e. wyxstad already refutes that claim.

I will really miss lukas, he really deserves to be top 1 in ranking, and is the best player on game without doubt.

I fully agree that he is one of the top, even the best player, of the game. However, this wasn't about his game-play but rather his behavior towards others unfortunately.

Author:  curare [ 28 Jun 2017, 23:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lukas

how about this:

you have changed the setting for banned players and i guess that goes for silenced players, too...?

so if silenced players could now contact nobody but the moderators group, why not just put him on silenced and block him in the mod group?

no player is annoyed by him or wants him gone, it is only you (i.e. admins) and he does not need to be able to contact you for any questions etc (also someone else could do that for him, if you want to bring the argument of constant accessibility up).

you don't want him to harass anyone anymore, but keep him, since the community does clearly not want him gone? that would solve the problem.

Author:  Petraa76 [ 29 Jun 2017, 04:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Lukas

And what's the problem for Lukas to register on the forum and write your posts yourself? Don't tell me that he has no hands.

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