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Making a Tournament Without Qualification Rounds.
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Author:  councilrocknorthkid [ 25 Apr 2017, 04:59 ]
Post subject:  Making a Tournament Without Qualification Rounds.

Quick question. If I want to create a tournament, how do I assure there's no qualification rounds. U are awesome at this game. Please consider. @noble master wanted me to ask my question here.

Author:  noblemaster [ 25 Apr 2017, 05:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Making a Tournament Without Qualification Rounds.

The algorithm is implemented to make sure that every game in every round has the maximum number of players playing as defined by the map (i.e. how many player spots are available). This means, from the first round, the algorithm makes sure ALL games are full. If it is not possible to place enough players into all the games in the first round, an additional qualification round is added to weed out enough players, so the upcoming round is full, and thus from then on all upcoming rounds are fully filled with players.

It basically means that (a) you need to make sure the tournament is full and (b) the maximum number of tournament players matches the algorithm, so if the maximum number of players join, the 1. round is full with players, so that no qualification round is added.

Part (a) is your responsibility. If you are not able to fill the tournament, the following calculations won't help much.

Part (b): set the maximum number of players during the tournament setup. Let's assume you have 8 players per game with 2 players advancing in each round. We go back from the final round. Given that 2 players advance we need 4x as many games in the previous rounds to fill the next upcoming rounds:

Last/Final Round: 8 players
Previous Round: 8x4 = 24 players
Previous Round: 8x4x4 = 96 players
Previous Round: 8x4x4 = 384 players

So, in our scenario, depending how many players you expect, you have to set the max. tournament players to 8, 24, 96, 384 etc.

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