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 Post subject: Formable Nations & Releaseable Nations
PostPosted: 31 Jul 2019, 06:40 

Joined: 13 Aug 2018, 06:12
Posts: 1
It would be nice to have formable countries, this would give a reason for declaring wars and would suggest a good way to expand, plus would give some logic to some Empire.

I'm not a programmer or something, but here is my idea:

Nations Mechanics
The formable or releaseable countries itself will be a seperate country in the Nations section of Content, so we can use them as existing countries on other scenarios. When you formed the country, your nation will be swapped with the target one. Transferring the relations, opinions and scores will occur when the country is swapped with another.

Releasing a nation only does adds a pure new player to the
on-going game, completely pure and neutral at start.

Setting up the Formable Nation
There would be a new section called "Formable Nations" on Settings tab, next to "Players." When pressed on that, all countries on the map would be invisible and the map would be blank. On the settings tab, a "set formable nation" tab and "players that can form"

> Set Formable Nation
The list of Nations Appear, when you selected a Nation, you can(and must) paint the required provinces on the blank map with that nation's color or a calming blue.

> Players That Can Form
Basically, A list of Nations that can form the target country. Press on it, a list open, there would be "Add" and "Remove" buttons at below. When you press add, the Nations list open, next to their names or icons, there would be "add" button, I guess its obvious that what it will do. The remove button basically removes the nation from the list.

Releaseable Nation Details
The Same Different Section goes for Releasable countries too. This time, "Add Releasable Nation" would appear on the tab. When you added the country, you will need to paint the location again.


Ingame Mechanics
Nation Management Pannel will have 1 or 2 more channel(Suggesting 2, to be honest)

The First Channel will have Formable countries list. There will be 2 buttons under the Country, "Form" and "Details" The Form part only will be pressable when all the requirements are done. You will be able to see the Requirements via the "Details" button. Shows the map of the required tiles(provinces)

Second Channel will contain Releasble Countries. When you control a part of a releasable Country, you will see it on the Releasable Countries channel. There will be the same buttons on below the country again, this time it says "release" instead of "form" Details does the same as before. Release button releases that part you control on the country. When you press release but the country is already independednt, you would just cede the and to that country.

When your country is very unhappy, the country revolts can take place instead of senseless anarchic provinces.

LAST NOTE: You(Staff) can exclude the releasable countries part and only add the Formable Nations part if you want. Thanks for reading, and if you add this requested feature, thank you so much for this :)

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