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Troop count view improvement suggestion
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Author:  Metsena [ 15 Apr 2019, 02:53 ]
Post subject:  Troop count view improvement suggestion

This is a suggestion to solve the problem of not seeing troops number and their nations. I'm writing this on behalf of Inquisition.

There are two instances when this happens:
- multiple nations on one province
- big cities which go over troop number

Multiple nations on one province usually happen on sea provinces, but can also happen on land provinces if the game is set that way.
I haven't experienced the second problem with big cities, but I'm mentioning it here, because there is no reason for my clan mates to lie about that. I asked them to screenshot it and I'll upload it here when they do.

This suggestion is focused on multiple nations on one province problem:
1. Nation/Troop number list in Info section
A list of nations and their troops on the specific province is displayed in the Info section of province (it contains province name, etc).
This way, you can clearly see how much troops anyone on it has, but you have to click two times (first the province, then the info section). I guess this is easier to implement, but harder to use.
2. Nation/Troop number list on selected province
When a player selects a province, a list of nations and their troops on it are displayed. It could be displayed beneath the province, or beside it (on the right, as the left side already has buttons)

Hope I didn't repost, or screw something else up. And I hope this suggestions are useful. :D

Edit1: added poll


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