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 Post subject: AoC III ONLINE, player's rating comments
PostPosted: 08 Feb 2013, 08:03 
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Joined: 06 Jul 2008, 18:23
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Location: Planet Earth, most of the time.
In a recent discussion on the dashboard main wall, about player's ratings and how good they are related to their rating. I felt this was a topic worthy to be put on the forum. Therefore, I'm moving the topic here for the community to build upon.

Please feel free to make comments on a player's ability here, related to whether or not their true play style or ability is accurately portrayed, related to their current rating/rank. For example if their rating/rank doesn't reflect or show a player's finer gaming points. You can make a comment on it here, like Pietryka5 did with FIREMANDAVE.

Try to keep the comment fair, just and informative and don't use this topic just to bad mouth a player you have issues with. Do that in another topic.
Pietryka5 wrote:
FIREMANDAVE is the only one who deserves his rating. IF you don't believe me takr im on 1 on 1. You wil lose. He has the math of this game down. His diplonatic skills are not as good. that's why you will mostly see him o1 on 1.

 Post subject: Re: AoC III ONLINE, player's rating comments
PostPosted: 08 Feb 2013, 08:59 

Joined: 08 Feb 2013, 08:50
Posts: 19
A lot of factors matter. First, I've already heard he only plays 1 vs. 1. Does he play the same map or maps each time? Is he the one making the 1 vs. 1 games, meaning the map he knows, rules he likes, etc? These things matter a lot.

 Post subject: Re: AoC III ONLINE, player's rating comments
PostPosted: 08 Feb 2013, 09:41 
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Joined: 23 Feb 2012, 17:45
Posts: 1243
The howard has only seen FIREMANDAVE play Europe Duel B and only as Iraq, which defo has an advantage over France given the starting positions. If FIREMANDAVE created his games with random placement, or played more balanced scenarios, then the howard would feel he fully deserves his rating. Since he doesn't, the howard is of the opinion that his rating is not "fully" deserved. Not that the howard has anything against DAVE or Pietryka's claim, that is just his opinion. DAVE might be a good player, but the howard has never actually fought DAVE since he will only play games with the scenario/starting position on Europe B that gives him an advantage over his opponent. And the howard never will fight him until he wavers from the need to have an advantage.

As for the howard... aka, the peeps mostest beloved tyrant (ah salami!)... his rating generally informs those who look it at it whether or not he's on random vacation. If it's above 2100, the howard is very much active and not missing a lot of turns. If it's below 2100 (like now), the howard is on random vacation and barely making moves, if at all.

Also note, anyone that refers to himself in the 3rd person probably deserves his rating... and the mass respect of the peasants he so generously rules over... :roll: :gott: :sm:

The One True Howard

2008 - 2018

rest in anarchy

 Post subject: Re: AoC III ONLINE, player's rating comments
PostPosted: 08 Feb 2013, 17:08 
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Joined: 07 Feb 2011, 19:32
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Location: BOSTON, MA
I have not played him in a very long time. But he does play as France as well. He has the math of this game down to a perfection. I feel he played and beat me fair and square. He had a routine for 1 on one that needs to be studied to be beaten. He know his moves well. I have played in games where he is one of many. He lacks good diplomacy, which is why you will only see him one on one. As far as the math of this game, he could teach a class. Seek him out if you want a good one on one.

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