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About my maps and new scenarios
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Author:  Zarus [ 03 Mar 2018, 11:01 ]
Post subject:  About my maps and new scenarios


I've started to create some new scenarios on few maps, but I am not sure about their copyright and I don't know how to verify that. So I am asking you about these some maps and their links.

1. Europe map with Mediterranean Sea

Oh, about this one I didn't know that it's necessary at first to ask a permission, but if it is open to free use map, then I want to know.

If it's not acceptable, then I need to know to change or to transform such maps into a blank one while I don't know via programs/programming. Or just to use Paint ?

2. The Orion Arm Map
or maybe this one

Few scenarios based on this galactic Orion Arm map, if it is ok for continuing the next step for publishing.

3. The Milky Way Galaxy map

This one is owned by me on deviantart with the use of a photo public everywhere on internet.

4. The Galaxy with Star Trek civs

5. Another Milky Way Galaxy with Star Trek civs
This one is open to free download, but I don't know about free use.

After these, I will have also once/yet a question, how to upload new scenario-maps on online.

Author:  noblemaster [ 03 Mar 2018, 17:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: About my maps and new scenarios

Those maps can not be used. They appear all copyright protected.

For the Milky Way map, it is copyrighted by Atlanthean, but you could probably send a message and ask if it can be used, i.e. obtain permission from the author:

If Atlanthean gives permission, please forward his message to me also for the records to contact at - Thanks.

Author:  Biohazard [ 16 Sep 2018, 01:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: About my maps and new scenarios

Seems the right thread


if I create/remake maps do I have access to them or will I still have to find a way to pay 20 quid?

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