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 Post subject: How to Report a Player for a violation of AOC rules.
PostPosted: 11 May 2012, 19:25 
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You can report a player for many reasons. The two most common are for inappropriate language or using multiple accounts in game.

To do this, select the player, this can be done in a number of ways. One way for Example: click on the player's name listed in a game you share with that player. Then click on the report button. Select one of the staff members to report this person to. Then tell us why you are reporting him or her.

If you are reporting them for cheating by using more than one account in game. Include the following information, making sure you get the spelling and CAPS in their name correct:
* Name of the players involved
* The Name of the game and which Realm (Standard, Clan, Casual, Mobile, Tournament) it can be found in.
* It is sometimes helpful to also provide us with the Turn Mode (5 mins, 10 mins, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, etc.) of the game.

If the game is a blitz game, turn mode in minutes instead of days or if the game is about to end or has just ended. Then the game could end and begone before we have a chance to investigate it. In this case, go to that game and take screenshots of the map and of the players in the game found under the "Players" tab. Send this information to:
aocinvestigations @
Don't forget to still report this player in game to us and mention that you have sent the two screenshots to our hotmail address.

Which staff member do I select when reporting a player?
You can select any one of us since we will keep the entire staff informed. You may wish to check to see which one of us has been recently active prior to you making a report.
As of January 20, 2013 the staff consists of the following members and their primary duties to oversee.
Travis - Content and language on the forum; language in the game
fodder - Alternate accounts in game, language in the game.
KingHowardII - Alternate accounts in game, language in the game.
ImLagging - Language in game, alternate accounts in game.
bendermaster - Content and language on the forum.
PrincessCJ - Content and language on the forum.

Once we have completed our investigation, we will send you a reply of the outcome.

If you report someone for inappropriate language. Make sure you take screenshots of the language regardless if it was said in chat or sent to you in a message (In Game message or AoC Mail message). Once again send these screenshots to aocinvestigations @ and don't forget to send us a report in game and mention that you had sent screenshots to the hotmail address so we know which screenshots go with which reports.

If you saw the inappropriate language as an account name, a game name or else where. Then provide us with the information of where we can find and see it for ourselves. Keep in mind that inappropriate language includes words that have been modified to bypass the language filters of the game including slang and foreign language words that the game filters might not know about. Bypassing the filters is a violation of the game.

If a player gets him or herself banned by the filters. Do not report this to us. The filters are doing their job and if the person wishes to get him or herself banned by the automated filters, that's fine. It's when they alter the spelling of words to avoid the filters or in certain areas of the game where there are no filters is when they should be reported to us.

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